Top 25 Things To Do On Maui

Below we’ve listed our favorite top 25 things to do on Maui for fun and relaxation on your next vacation.

Things To Do On Maui Waterfalls

#1 Molokini Snorkeling

Molokini Crater Maui

There are plenty of great spots to snorkel and scuba dive around Maui, and we like to suggest Molokini because it offers a whole package of fun in one trip. You’ll cruise on the water and see Maui from a different perspective, You may see dolphins or whales while in season. You can dive Molokini Crater at many spots within the crater as well as on the backside, which drops straight down 300+ feet.

#2 Luaus

luaus in Maui Hawaii

We love Maui luaus. Maui is home to around a dozen different luaus that all have different personalities. Some are built for families with kids, some for romantic couples, and others for pure authenticity. Some of the reasons why it’s a MUST DO for anyone visiting Maui: sunrise over the ocean, great drinks, epic feast, authentic music, hula dancing, local crafts, and fire dancing. Again, a MUST DO! Check out which are recognized as the best Maui luaus.

#3 Restaurants

best Maui restaurants

Maui has always attracted gifted chefs and big-name restaurant owners. In the last 15+ years, Maui has had an additional blast of culinary brilliance with the emergence of true talent via the Maui Culinary Academy. We’re very lucky to enjoy food from the best of the best, and many of our Maui restaurants reflect this in every bite. Check out some personal Maui restaurant reviews to see the best of the best and what they’re up to as of recent. Definitely worth checking out!

#4 Bike Haleakala

biking down Maui

For the adventurous, riding a bike down a volcano sounds like a great start to the day. Luckily, many Maui bike companies offer van tours for those looking to see the crater in complete comfort. Either way, viewing the sunrise from on top of the World is something you’ll never forget. It’s a blissful moment that can only be matched by many effortless miles downhill on a bike.

#5 Zipline

best zipline Maui

Wherever you are on the island, there’s a zipline near you. This adventure is so much fun, and it allows for some unexpected pluses along the way: You’ll have great views, some fun hiking, and informational guides that will tell you about the foliage and animal/birdlife you’ll likely encounter. It’s a perfect mix of beauty and excitement. Like Kapalua Ziplines and Maui Zipline Company. You can also check out this Maui zipline FAQ.

#6 Maui Alpaca

Alpaca Farm in Maui Hawaii

Ah, Maui. Golden beaches, spilling waterfalls, and…alpacas? That’s right. Maui Alpaca is one of the most alluring agrotourism attractions on the island. Situated in Upcountry, Maui Alpaca invites visitors to meet the six resident female alpacas and a clique of fuzzy angora bunnies. Feed the alpacas, snuggle with the bunnies, and learn more about these unique animals in a beautiful setting.

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#7 Sunset Cocktail Cruise

sunset cruise Maui Hawaii

When we think about a true place of serenity, we think about sitting on the bow of a sailing catamaran with a cocktail in hand, enjoying warm winds blowing over us with island music humming in the distance. Nothing beats a sunset cruise on Maui unless, of course, it happens to also be whale season at the time.

#8 Rafting

rafting Maui coast

Be it a snorkel trip to Molokini Crater or a whale watch adventure, rafting offers a unique ocean experience, unlike the bigger boats. With a smaller group, you never feel crowded when snorkeling. When whale watching, you can be closer to humpbacks than any other boat thanks to your proximity to the surface of the water at any given time. AND, it’s an absolute thrill speeding across the ocean on these Molokini snorkeling tours.

#9 The Maui Cookie Lady

cookie lady Maui

If there’s ever a time to indulge, it’s while you’re on vacation. Make a special trip to the Upcountry town of Makawao to The Maui Cookie Lady, home to the most famous cookies on Maui. The Maui Cookie Lady has been making waves with her extravagant cookie creations, attracting attention from celebrities like The Rock (who called Maui Cookie Lady one of his “fav cookie spots in the world”) and outlets like ABC and Good Morning America. Plus, The Maui Cookie Lady storefront on Baldwin Avenue is an adorable must-visit.

#10 Fishing

fishing Maui

Maui waters are abundant with tropical fish of many kinds. There are plenty of boats that can take you out, but in our opinion, only a handful know the best waters from day to day for fishing. Take advantage of seasoned, skilled fishermen captains when choosing the right vessel for your Maui fishing trip.

#11 Massage

Maui massages

Everyone loves a great massage, and Maui’s Best Massage not only offers exceptional massages, but they are also a massage outcall service and will come to you! From a relaxing massage to the ancient art of the Lomi Lomi massage, their expert massage therapist will take you from “ow” to “wow” in no time! For more information, please call (808) 426-7418.

#12 Hiking

hking through Maui

Maui has so many amazing hikes, that it’s hard to know where to start. It’s important to choose a hike that’s not on private property (unless you have permission), and while there are many options, the safest way to experience these is during a tour with Hike Maui. Let a local, professional hiking guide show you the best, hidden sites, including waterfalls, freshwater streams, bamboo forests, and saltwater pools on Maui’s north shore!

#13 Charter a Sailboat

best Maui sailing charters

Charter-ready for sailing around the renowned waters of Maʻalaea, S/V Nova, our 42’ Catalina MKII, is the perfect boat for small private groups to escape from the crowds. Whether you want to snorkel, watch the sunset, enjoy some cocktails, learn to sail, celebrate a special occasion, or just lay back and relax, Maui Custom Charters can customize the perfect trip to make your dreams come true.

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#14 Visit Haleakala Crater

Haleakala Maui Hawaii

There are few jaw-dropping sights on this planet as impressive as watching Haleakala Sunrise. Watching the sun come up past the ocean and through the clouds in one of the world’s quietest places can be life-altering. If you don’t do a tour, make sure to book your driving reservation well in advance. You can learn about the park, trails, sunrise, and more at visitor centers or on a Haleakala Crater tour.

#15 Fly Maui

airplane Maui Hawaii

With miles of unexplored terrain, countless lush valleys, and towering waterfalls few have laid eyes on, it’s no surprise that air activities are so popular on Maui. However, the only thing more memorable than taking a scenic flight around the island is piloting the plane itself! With Fly Maui, visitors will not only behold striking views of the Valley Isle but receive their first lesson in flight school with a guided flight around the island.

#16 Go House Hunting

real estate for sale Maui

If that little voice in your head telling you to move to Maui just won’t shut up, you’re not alone. So why not indulge yourself, just a little – or a lot – and go house hunting. If you’re still in the dabbling stages, browse listings on Maui Elite Property, or read about how to purchase a rental property on the site’s blog. If you’re more serious about pulling the trigger, contact Evan Harlow (the mastermind behind Maui Elite Property and bona fide Maui real estate expert) to visit some properties. You can also check out some prime Maui real estate listings on our site.

#17 Photo Session

Maui family portrait photos

It’s usually not the first thing on people’s minds, and that’s why we suggest booking a Maui family portrait ahead of time. This way you can enjoy your trip, then take a quick hour capturing some amazing sunset moments with the ones you love. Taking your own photos will be a lot of fun, but having a pro photographer with you will be high and above anything you could do on your own with a timer. Worth every dime!

#18 Road to Hana

road to Hana waterfall

We can’t say enough about doing the Road to Hana. Driving this road and enjoying the sights, smells, and people along the way is something you’ll never forget. Waterfalls, coastal cliff lines, black sand beaches, and lush jungle will make you think you’ve gone to heaven (if that’s your sort of thing.)

Things To Do On Maui Aerial

#19 Ultimate Air Trampoline Park

Ultimate Maui trampoline

One of Maui’s most highly recommended land activities for families or friends looking for offbeat fun on The Valley Isle, Ultimate Air Trampoline Park in Wailuku provides 25,000 square feet of trampoline fun, including onsite events, foam pits, basketball, dodgeball, and even massage chairs for those in need of a break. Put your jumping skills to the test at this family-friendly Maui must-do, and reserve your spot online to ensure you have the best trampoline experience possible.

#20 Mystery Maui

Mystery Maui escape room

For those of you seeking a different kind of excitement on Maui, Wailuku’s newest Mystery Maui escape room offers families, friends, and couples the chance to participate in one of two ultra-fun scenarios. Use the given clues to solve the mystery and escape from the room in 60 minutes or less, or enlist the help of your game marshal for extra assistance. This is an excellent way to spend a rainy day on Maui, or escape the heat for an hour while having tons of fun!

#21 Maui Helicopter Flights

Maui Heli ToursMaui helicopter tours

offer exciting hands-on experiences. Receive a lesson in flight school and take an actual helicopter for a spin with the help of one of Go Fly Maui’s certified flight instructors. Or, opt for a flight in a doors-off chopper, where guests can customize their itinerary, get aerial photography pointers from the crew, and of course, snap a few stunning images of their own. Learn more about Maui helicopter flights.

#22 Snorkel Turtle Town or Lanai

Turtle Town is one of those elusive places that exist in a few areas of Maui. There are spots that are well-known for having many turtles every day. There are also spots that captains have recorded as having had an unusually large amount of turtles recently. Either way, it’s best to have professionals show you exactly where to snorkel if you want to see the most turtles in one snorkel session. Quicksilver will take you to both Turtle Town as well as trips to the island of Lanai.

Also, Lanaʻi is often overlooked as a snorkeling destination despite the island’s thriving reefs and dolphin population. Island Star has been showing visitors around Lanaʻi’s waters for over three decades and continues to offer an assortment of private and per-person Lanaʻi excursions aboard a fun and luxurious private yacht. The half-day tour is a great choice for those on a tight schedule.

#23 Jeep Adventures

Hoaloha Jeeps Maui

Sit back, relax, put the top down and cruise around the island with a private tour from Hoaloha Jeep Adventures. Hoaloha offers tours of Hana, Haleakala, and West Maui, allowing you to take in some of Maui’s most stunning views without being distracted by the road. Travel at your own pace and discover some of Maui’s best-kept secrets while Hoaloha does the driving!

#24 Surfing

learning to surf Maui

If you’ve always wanted to surf, but have never tried, this is a great place to learn. Take Maui surf lessons, and stand up on the same day. Or learn to kite or windsurf! If you want to see some serious surfing in big waves, we have some brave enthusiasts you can watch as well (and leave it to local professionals.)

#25 Oahu Day Trip

Oahu day trip Maui

While we love exploring the many natural wonders of Maui, we recognize the appeal of exploring more than one Hawaiian Island on your next trip to the Aloha State. Pearl Harbor Tours offers an array of convenient guided and self-guided day trips from Maui to Oahu, all of which include round-trip airfare and car transportation around Oahu. Whether you want to brush up on your history with a tour of the Battleship Missouri and USS Arizona Memorial or take a driving tour to Oahu’s most spectacular natural landmarks, there’s plenty to look forward to on an inter-island day trip to Hawaii’s most visited island.

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